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Topptur Diary – @marielund123


Thank you very much to @marielund123 for contributing to our new “Topptur Diary” blog feature, letting us share her photo and answering our questions.


We hope to create a community of fellow shredders here in Norway who will log their Topptur adventures with us.


We want to share a little more insight into shots shared on social media sites and encourage people to comment and start discussions, share tips and advice, and generally spread the love for the Norwegian mountains.

Marie Lund profile shot on a topptur adventure


Name:   Marie Lund


Hometown:   Mo i Rana


Date:   08.02.16


Mountain: Snøfjellet, Mo i Rana (746 m.o.h)

Camera:   Sony experia z3


Inspiration:   I took this photo of my friend and ski buddy, Anette Bromseth.  The reason for taking this photo at that exact moment, was to capture the amazing mix of wild weather and snow.  It was a very windy day on the mountain, but in that moment it was still, and the sunshine was fantastic.  My friend is like sunshine to me, and she is of course another inspiration on this lovely hike.


Snow:   The snow was very heavy when we started but became a lot better the higher we skinned up.  When we reached the top, it was perfect powder, absolutely amazing!


Favourite shreds:  Snøfjellet, Mo i Rana is my favourite place to ski.  I see this mountain every day on my drive to work and am reminded of so many good trips and shared memories with people I love.


Shredding Bucket List:   WI have dreams about skiing in Sunnmøresalpene, it looks so fantastic.


Thank you for the awesome insights Marie, and thank you to all who read!


If you have any shots you’d like us to feature, please tag @skibumnorway on instagram or post on our FB page Skibum Norway.


…see it, ski it, share it



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