Topptur Diary – Blånebba

Topptur Diary – @astrix8 – Blånebba


Thank you very much to @astrix8 for kindly contributing to our “Topptur Diary” blog feature.


We hope to create a community of fellow shredders here in Norway who will log their Topptur adventures with us, sharing a little more insight into shots shared on social media.

Mountain top photo of Blanebba


Name:   Astrid Solhaug


Hometown:   Kapp


Date:   28.03.2015


Mountain:   Blånebba, Romsdalen (1320 m.o.h)


Camera:   Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Inspiration:   I was inspired by the nature, the view, and these great mountains.  It gives me the sense of being free.


Snow:   The snow conditions were good, about 10cm fresh.


Favourite shreds:  I must say that Romsdalen is my favourite place because of these mountains and the nature is totally different compared to where I live.  During winter, I love Kvitfjell but the most awesome skiing experience I’ve had was in Narvik.  We did Mørkhola, an awesome mountainside there…that’s number one!


Thank you for answering our questions and letting us share Astrid, and thank you to all who read!


If you have any shots you’d like us to feature, please tag @skibumnorway on instagram or post on our FB page Skibum Norway.


…see it, ski it, share it




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