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We contacted Bendik Thommesen, from Bodø, who has a pretty awesome Instagram account @bendikthommesen, and asked to feature some of his shots.  Below, Bendik shares some of the locations and inspirations behind his shots and why he loves to ski in Norway…

Thank you very much Bendik, let’s get this show on the road, tell us a little about this shot…

Bendik Thommesen Grayscale profile picture


This picture was taken 10.02.16. on my iPhone 6, the most featured camera in my gallery.  I am looking at other cameras, but the budget of a 17 year old is kinda restricting…

I changed my line of education this fall from engineering, mathematics, physics, and chemistry to become more ski orientated. I now go every Wednesday to the local ski resort: Vestvatn Alpinanlegg, and I love it!

Where is your favourite place to ski in Norway, and why?

My favourite place to ski is on one of the Islands an hour from Bodø where my family has a cabin. The mountains stretch out of the sea directly up 1000 meters, it’s so majestic.

Standing at the sea, fishing and looking back to the top of the snow covered mountains is pure happiness to me.  At sea level there is barely any snow, 100 meters up there are slushy veins between the trees, and 100m up again, it’s all covered in slushy lovely snow with great jumps and drops in perfect pine forest.  Above that, it’s powder on powder, and to ski from a 1000m summit down to the sea is absolutely amazing.

Great sunset…#cloudporn…

This next picture was taken from Junkerfjellet, only about 2km away from the city centre of my home town, Bodø, again on my iPhone 6.

Midnight Sun, Northern Norway


I took this picture one afternoon in September. I was out biking just as the midnight sun starts to fall under the horizon after nearly 1 month of shining 24 hours a day. The magical light is one of the great benefits to living in Northern Norway.

When you ski, do you listen to tunes or be at one with the mountain? 😂😜

I like to be at one with nature yes, and don’t listen to music while skiing. I like the sound of the turns, and the wind against my helmet. It brings me closer to the experience of being in the moment.
On the other hand, when I am not in the mountains, I listen to a lot of music.  I imagine myself on a mountaintop or skiing down a perfect line, making small video edits in my head so  music for me has a lot to do with my adventures, but just not at the same time.

Last but no means least,

The people I am skiing with in this last shot are fellow Randonee enthusiasts from my area. We have an awesome Facebook group of at least 1300 local skiers called Bodø Freeride Forening (Bodø Freeride Association).  We share avalanche safety tips, observations, daily reports, pictures, and snow conditions.

The picture was taken in late February 2015 in an area close to Bodø, referred to by locals as, The Beiarn Alps. I am not sure which camera took this picture, but it’s a compact camera for sure, maybe the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5.

Bendik Thommesen topptur near Bodo


We had been walking in snowy and fast winds for many hours, almost no visibility and freezing temperatures. We decided to turn around to not push the limits. While preparing to ski down, the wind lowered, the snow snow stopped and the sun came out in the distance. A beautiful mountainview came alive right in front of us. Truly amazing how the nature change like that.

Skiing down was really good. The top of the mountains, above the treeline, is often hard with ice and little snow because of the strong winds. From the treeline and down it was 2 ft of fresh powder, which is considered a lot in this part of Norway.

My father is very fond of taking pictures, and he bought a Canon EOS 40D some years ago.  Luckily I am allowed to borrow it from time to time…The story behind this next photo is quite special.


Northern Lights above mountains in Bodo, Norway


I have this friend of mine, a very open and good friend who I met this autumn. We had our differences and almost lost the friendship, so I saw that we had to do something. She never was the adventurous type, but I had an idea for something special since she was taking Media and Photography classes.

Late one mid-October evening, on one of the hills around my city, I knew the northern lights would be magical but my friend, who had never seen the lights outside the city, didn’t.  We went on a small hike with the camera, hot cocoa, and chocolate.  We had so much fun together spotting sattelites, shooting stars and of course, the green and purple lights dancing around.  The light pollution from the city made it a little weaker but it was still extremely bright and to the experience definitely strengthened our friendship.

What do you like most about being in the mountains?

I like the quiet, and the isolation.  Like most people,  I have things in my life which can cause stress, like school, grades, a job, girls, family, etc. but when I am in the mountains, I am able to live in the moment.  It’s like daydreaming, but I’ve made it a reality and can appreciate how lucky I am.  I Look out into the amazing scenery and suddenly, nothing else really matters.

Which ski destination is top of your bucket list?

Right now I would really like to go to the Rocky Mountains, visiting Revelstoke and other places like it.  Here I could experience real powder snow and ski the backcountry with snowmobiles which is my favourite type of skiing. Revelstoke is the place to visit for me!

Thank you very much for sharing Bendik, we hope you have an awesome winter and look forward to keeping tabs on your adventures to come!



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