Best Ski Touring Routes in Norway

We love skiing in Norway and want to share that passion with you.

Here we list some of the best Ski Touring Routes in Norway to show you what you're missing.

Best Ski Touring Routes in Norway - Photo -

Store Ringstind (2124m)

Store Ringstind stands in the legendary Hurrungane area of Jotunheim, and is distinctly alpine, requiring good levels of fitness and backcountry knowledge.  Turtagrø Hotel is the natural starting point when summiting the peaks of Hurrungane, with many rising over 2,000m offering insane views and fantastic skiing.  This trip can be completed well into June as a day trip and it is recommended to use a guide. 

Skittentind (1042m)

Skittentind, like many peaks around Tromso, is easily accessible with great views looking back over the city.  Look out over Kattfjordeidet and pick out your next lines with new challenges close by.  The usual route up and down is not overly steep, and normally holds a stable snow pack, but always seek local advice before venturing out.  The trip usually takes around four hours, then ski nearly 900 vertical metres back down to your car.   

Skålatårnet (1,843m)

Looming over Nordfjord is one of Norway's most stunning lodgings with stone walls 1.5m thick, Skåla Tower.  Although not the highest peak in Norway, you must gain nearly all of the total 1,843m in order to reach the top.  From mid-May you should expect to carry your ski’s below 750m elevation.  The top is very steep, be sure to check the snow pack and take care in poor visibility.  6.6km day trip.

Holmbukttind (1666m)

Holmbukttind is one of the classics in the Lyngen Alps, offering a full 1600m vertical drop right down to sea level when the snow conditions are good. This is a serious top with steep aspects which can pose considerable avalanche risks.  You will need the weather to be on your side on the day and have a stable snow pack.  Holmbukttind can be skied late winter but it is usually best for the snow and light to wait until spring.

Kolåstind (1432m)

Kolåstind is best left until late winter or spring.  With panoramic views at the top, and 1,000m vertical drop, this hike is an ideal day trip for most competent skiers.  The trip does cross a glacier, but there is usually enough snow to cover any danger points.  The passage from Kvanndal Skaret can be tricky and the final ascent to the top is fairly steep, but you will be rewarded for your hard work so stick with it.

Kirketaket (1439m)

Kirketaket or the "Church Roof’ is another classic at Isfjorden in More og Romsdal, and offers fantastic skiing and views.  By far, one of the most popular peaks in the Romsdal area, with 1,300m vertical drop and a choice of descents to suit all riders.  A few kilometres from Andalsnes, the 4-5 hour struggle up is well worth the views from the top.  Be aware that the last few hundred metres of ascent are quite steep.

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