Folgefonna Glacier

Hike, climb, kayak, via ferrata, ski, swim, explore...

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SEASON: May - September    DISTANCE: 578km    FERRIES: 1    CAMPING: 250nok/night    HOTELS: 1200nok/night    CAR HIRE: 2000nok/week

Folgefonna summer ski centre is Norway's most southerly summer ski location.  It offers the opportunity to combine a short city break in Bergen with a day on the slopes as well as being a fantastic place to explore for those with more time.

The glacier at Folgefonna is all that remains of a massive icecap which once covered most of Scandinavia. It has been drawing tourists since 1833 but only gained National Park status as recently as 2005.

The glacier that remains and the fjords and valleys left behind give us an insight into how the landscape was carved out of rock and ice.

 Although recognised as Norway’s third largest mainland glacier, Folgefonna is actually made up from a number of smaller individual glaciers, the biggest of which are: Nordfonna, Midtfonna and Søfonna.  In total, the glacier covers a total of 207 km2 and is almost 400m thick in places.

Explore the glacier tongues and see dramatic icefalls.  Wild valleys, and raging rivers await those brave enough.  Hike, bike, climb, walk or paddle your way around this ancient corner of Norway.

Road Trip Suggestions

Day 1. Bergen

Surrounded by seven mountains and overlooking the sea, Bergen is a stunning destination.

The Hanseatic Wharf, fish market, and one of Norway's biggest cultural events, the Bergen International Festival, are some of the cities many highlights.

Check out some of our favourite things to do in Bergen.

Day 2. Bergen - FONNA Glacier Ski Resort

The drive to Fonna Glacier from Bergen takes just under 3hrs, including a ferry ride.  It can easily be done as a day trip from the city on a weekend break if you don't have time to drive the whole route.

Ski Fonna Glacier and be blown away by the views from the top of the lift.  A truly breathtaking panorama with the glacier, Hardangerfjord and the North Sea all visible on a clear day.

Day 3. FONNA Glacier

FONNA glacier has more to offer than just skiing.  Take a guided tour of the glacier and explore while hiking, climbing or kayaking.

Day. 4 Hardangervidda

Hardangervidda is Norway's largest National Park at 3,422 square km's, and has one of the worlds biggest wild reindeer populations.

Visit the Hardangervidda Nature Centre, explore the many waterfalls including those in the Husedalen Valley, and hike up the famous Trolltunga.

Day 5. Rjukan

Follow in the footsteps of local resistance fighters on The Saboteurs' trail and learn the story about the heavy water plant during WWII.

Bungee jump off of Vemork bridge or take the cable car up inside the mountain Gaustatoppen.

Day 6. Oslo

Dotted with parks and surrounded by forest, Oslo's bars, restaurants, museums, theatres, and cafe's offer a vibrant social scene which perfectly compliment their surroundings.

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