The Lillehammer Valley

The Lillehammer Valley pass gives access to some of Norway's best alpine terrain with five resorts included on one pass.


Hafjell by Alpinco logo


Our most popular resort and Norway's second biggest Alpine ski area.  Hafjell is great for families, beginners and intermediates, it also offers two terrain parks and an Olympic run...visit website


NSB train in the snowy mountains


Drive to Hafjell in around 2hrs from Gardermoen Airport.  Alternatively, take the train to Lillehammer and continue to Hafjell by bus or taxi.  Please be aware, Norwegian taxi fares are much more expensive than in the UK.



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Skeikampen may be small but it is a hell of a lot of fun.  With a great ski school and beginners area it also offers fantastic off-piste skiing.  The resort is also very popular with cross-country skiers...visit website


Skeikampen is 45 minutes drive from Lillehammer and 35 minutes from Hafjell.


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Kvitfjell offers long and challenging runs with the World Cup Downhill slope challenging the most advanced skier.  A 30min drive from Hafjell and included on a singular lift pass if you do not want the full 5 resorts...visit website


NSB train in the snowy mountains


Drive to Kvitfjell in around 2.5hrs from Gardermoen Airport.  Alternatively, take the train to Ringebu and continue to Kvitfjell by taxi.  Please be aware, Norwegian taxi fares are much more expensive than in the UK.



Cross country ski tracks in Susjøen


Sjusjøen is extremely popular with cross country skiers and regularly hosts a stage in the World Cup calendar.  The area also has a small ski resort with some fantastic off-piste opportunities...visit website


Sjusjøen is a 30 minute driveEast from Lillehammer.  The resort can also be reached using the local bus network from Lillehammer train station.


Cross country ski tracks in Gala


Gålå is another small resort a little under the radar in Norway.  With cross country skiing opportunities on parts of the famous Peer Gynt trail, the resort itself also has 14 slopes and 8 lifts...visit website



Gålå is roughly 1hr 30mins drive, North of Lillehammer.

Lillehammer, in the heart of Norway, is the ideal holiday destination for families in search of adventure.  The town has hiking, biking, skiing, horse back riding, bob sledding and even water skiing all on its doorstep.  The spectacular Rondane, Jotunheimen and Langsua national parks are all within easy reach.


With 5 ski resorts featured on the Lillehammer Pass you have access to some of Norway's finest alpine terrain.  The area most recently held the Youth Olympic Games in winter 2016 and Kvitfjell is a regular stage on the downhill World Cup circuit.


Hunderfossen Family Park, Jorekstad swimming pool, and Maihaugen museum offer plenty of entertainment should the weather turn bad.

Day 1. Oslo - Lillehammer

Of the three international airports serving Oslo, Gardermoen is the biggest and closest to the city, 30mins to the North.

Oslo Torp sits 1hr 45mins away on the South West side of Oslofjord, while Oslo Rygge, is an hour to the South East on the opposite bank.

The trip to Lillehammer as very straight forward and can be done easily by road or rail.  From Oslo Gardermoen it should take 2hrs.

Day 2. Hafjell

Hafjell is the biggest resort in the Lillehammer Valley and the third biggest in Norway.

With wide, open, and often empty slopes, it is the perfect playground for families and intermediates to hone their skills.

Two parks and a rail garden should be enough for the jibbers out there, while expert riders can test themselves racing down the Olympic GS slope.

Away from the slopes, Hafjell is relatively quiet and not as developed as you might expect from an International resort.  With Lillehammer just 15mins drive away however, you can find an array of shops, bars and restaurants to keep you entertained.

Highlights in the area include a visit to the Ski Jump and trying the Olympic Bob sled track.

Day 3. Sjusjøen

Sjusjøen is a 35min drive up into the mountains from Lillehammer.  It is an area popular with criss country skiers but the small downhill centre can offer some fantastic off-piste when the conditions are right.

Drive a little beyond the ski centre, heading towards Sweden, you will come across a huge frozen lake with dog-sledding trips.

Day 4. Gålå

The drive North from Lillehammer to Gålå should take under 1hr 30mins.

With skiing on two moutains, stretching up on either side of a lake, Gålå is a very pretty resort connected with it's natural surroundings.

348m vertical drop from the highest lift at 1148m with 20km of slopes.


Day 6. Skeikampen

A 45min drive from Lillehammer or 30min from Hafjell, Skeikampen is popular with alpine skiiers and cross country enthusiasts.

With 21 km of slopes Skeikampen is serviced by 9 lifts and offers good family skiing.  When there are fresh lines to be had however, the resort takes on a whole different look with some great off-piste terrain.  Stand at the top, choose your next lift, and pick your line.

Day 7. Kvitfjell

Kvitfjell is a regular stop on the Downhill World Cup Tour and offers some of the most challenging in bounds terrain in Norway.

Ski 854m of vertical and try the Downhill slope with enough here to entertain beginners through to pro's.

Unique to Kvitfjell, for the area, you can ski on both East and West facing aspects of the mountain.

35mins drive from Hafjell to the bottom of the Downhill slope on the East side, with the more family friendly West side taking 10mins longer to reach.

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