Lofoten Islands

Hiking, Ski touring, Kayaking, Surfing, the Midnight Sun in Summer and the Northern Lights in Winter ...The Lofoten Islands are a dream location, which really does have it all.

Lofoten Islands Photo - Alex Conu - Visitnorway.com

SEASON: All year    DISTANCE: 672km    FERRIES: 1    CAMPING: 250nok/night    HOTELS: 1200nok/night    CAR HIRE: 3000nok/week

The Lofoten Islands are an adventurers paradise with a diverse and unique landscape.  Dramatic mountain peaks, sheltered beaches and open seas, there is a postcard picture ready to be taken any which way you turn.

In this stunning archipelago, sitting just North of the Arctic circle, adventurers and explorers can roam free.  Kayak across or scuba dive in, the deepest fjords.  Climb, ski, hike and bike in the most beautiful mountains.

For those more inclined to soak up their surroundings, and dive into local history rather than the crystal clear waters, discover Lofoten's Viking connection.  Visit the Lofotr Viking Museum an the 83 metre long, reconstructed long-house at Borg.

Sample stockfish, made from spawning cod.  This is commonly used as a base ingredient in much of the local cuisine.

Highlights include the Northern Lights in autumn and winter during clear dark nights, the Midnight Sun in summer from mid May to mid July, and excellent spring ski touring conditions.

Lofoten Highlights

Lofoten Islands, Norway



Skagsanden Beach, Lofoten

Skagsanden Beach


Haukland Beach, Lofoten

Haukland Beach


Whale Safari





“The beauty of this place is simply staggering”.
Lonely Planet 

Lofoten Islands Photo - Mattias Fredriksson - Visitnorway.com