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Norway's Landmark Tour takes in three stunning locations, Preikestolen, Kjeragbolten, and Trolltunga...

...probably the best selfie's you'll ever take!

Photo - U Maurer Photography

SEASON: June - September



CAMPING: 250nok/night

HOTEL: 1200nok/night

CAR HIRE: 3000nok/week


Pulpit Rock is the first stop on Norway's Landmark Tour.  Listed as one of the world's most spectacular viewing platforms by lonely planet, it is one of the most photographed sites in Norway.  A 25x25 metre square, atop a 604 metre column of rock overlooking Lysefjord.  

SEASON: April - September.

DURATION: 2 - 3 hours up

DISTANCE: 7.5km return

In the beginning of the season the trail might still be covered in ice and snow.


Kjeragbolten, Kjerag Boulder in English, rises 1,000 metres above the opposite end of Lysefjorden to Preikestolen. It  is an astonishing freak of nature left over from the last Ice Age.  The marked trail starts from the car park at Øygardstøl and is a physically demanding hike. 

SEASON: June - September

DURATION: 4-6 hours

DISTANCE: 3.8km from Øygardstøl 

Not possible during winter.  Snow closes the road and the trail is too dangerous.  


Trolltunga or "The Trolls Tounge", juts out horizontally 700 metres above lake Ringedalsvatnet and is one of the most scenic cliffs in Norway.  You must gain around 900 vertical metres to reach the top, and the hike demands a good level of fitness.

SEASON: June 15 - Sept 15

DURATION: 10-12hrs (full day)

DISTANCE: 23km return.

Possible from mid-March on a guided snow-shoe tour with Trolltunga Active.

Road Trip Suggestions

Day 1. Stavanger - Preikestolen

Once you've picked up your hire car and decided whether or not to explore Stavanger or not, here is our suggested route to help get you on your way.

Head towards the E39 away from Stavanger and take road Rv 13 to Lauvvik. Cross the short 10 minute ferry to Oanes.  Continue on Rv 13 and follow the signs for Preikestolen.

Preikestolen Mountain Lodge offers accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets... visit lodge website .  view route on google

Day 2. Preikestolen Hike - Travel to Lysebotn

Most relatively fit hikers, should follow the well marked trail from Preikestolen Mountain Lodge, and expect to reach the top in around 2hrs.

Enjoy the first of three opportunites for the world's best selfie, next stop, Kjeragbolten.

To get to Øygardstøl, the starting point for the Kjerag Boulder hike, head back towards Oannes, cross the bridge to Forsand and catch the ferry to Lysebotn.  Ferries run twice daily and must be booked at least one day in advance via or

Alternatively, take Rv13 towards Jørpeland and take leitevegen to Ryfylkevegen, before driving to Sognesand and taking the ferry to Lysebotn from there.

Both routes take around 2hrs 40mins. N.B there is no petrol station in Lysebotn.  view routes on google

Day 3. Kjeragbolten Hike

You may have caught sight of Kjerag from the ferry as you approached Lysebotn.  Look up for the chance to see mountain climbers and basejumpers in the summer.

There is a marked trail from Øygardstøl, a 4-6 hour return trip over physically demanding terrain.  This hike requires sturdy hiking boots, suitable clothing and remember a packed lunch.

World's best selfie number 2.

Day 4. Travel to Trolltunga

The drive from Lysbotn to Tyssedal, and Trolltunga, is an ideal point in the trip to rest the legs for a day or two.

You can either take the ferry to Sognesand, then continue to Hjelmeland where you catch another ferry to Nessvik, before continuing on Rv 13 to Tyssedal.  This route takes around 5hrs 10mins. see route on google

Alternatively, if you are planning a longer trip, you could head back to Stavanger by catching the ferry at Tau.  Head North on the E39 and take the ferry from Mortavika to Arsvågen.  Maybe visit Haugesund, before continuing on to Tyssedal and Trolltunga. This route takes around 7hrs, including ferries.  see route on google

Day 5. Trolltunga Hike

For the hardcore selfie fanatic, this may be day 4 or even 3, for the rest of us it's at least day 5 and time for the big one.

There is a marked hiking trail from the parking place in Skjeggedal to Trolltunga.  (NB. park in Tyssedal for 100nok/day, 200nok/day in Skjeggedal).

When starting in Skjeggedal there is a steep climb up to Mågelitopp, then a relative flat for 2.5km before the next climb.  Along the trail, you will find signs showing the distance left to Trolltunga.

It is recommended that you start this hike no later than 0800, in order to make it to the top and back down in daylight.  Pack your usual supplies as well as a head torch for this all dayer.

Day 6. Travel to Bergen

Congratualtions! You've completed Norway's Landmark Tour.

We hope you made it with some of the best photos/selfies you have ever, and possibly will ever, take.

For those a little short on time, it's on to Bergen for the flight home.

For those with a little more time on their hands why not explore a bit more with Voss, Fonna Glacier, Hardanger National Park, and Flåm, all close by.

There are a few different options for the road to Bergen, depending on how many ferries you want to take.  All of which will take between 3hrs - 3hrs 30mins. see your route options on google


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