Oslo to Bergen Road Trip

Our Oslo to Bergen Road Trip offers skiing in Norefjell, Hemsedal, and Voss, with a similar journey via Geilo, being possible by rail link.

Oslo to Bergen Road Trip Photo - Terje Rakke - Visitnorway.com

SEASON: All Year    DISTANCE: 536km    FERRIES: 0    CAMPING: 250nok/night    HOTELS: 1200nok/night    CAR HIRE: 3000nok/week

Our Oslo to Bergen Road Trip is possible all year round although the suggestions below focus on skiing, possible December - April.  The trip takes you to Norefjell and Hemsedal before reaching Voss and finally Bergen.

A possible variation of the trip can be done by rail, taking you to Geilo before Voss, instead of Norefjell and Hemsedal.  The rail link between Oslo and Bergen has been described as one of the most stunning in the world.

Day 1 & 2. Norefjell

Oslo Gardermoen airport to Norefjell takes just under 2hrs, or another half hour if you choose to head into Oslo first.

Norefjell is one of the largest mountains in Southern Norway and offers the highest vertical drop of any resort at 1010m.  14 lifts service 28 slopes, with the highest point, Høgevarde, standing 1459m above sea level.

The skiing season usually runs from late November to late April but the resort offers a popular spa hotel open all year round.  www.norefjell.com


Day 3 & 4. Hemsedal

The drive from Norefjell to Hemsedal takes about 2hrs.

Hemsedal is described as Scandinavia's Alps and is definitely one of Norway's most developed and most popular resorts.  With 43km of piste and an 810m vertical drop serviced by 18 lifts, Hemsedal offers great alpine skiing as well as huge potential for backcountry lines.

The resort offers a lively after-ski scene and a number of accomodation and restaurant options split between the village and the alpine centre. www.hemsedal.com 

Day 5 & 6. Voss

The drive from Hemsedal to Voss takes around 2hrs and takes you through the worlds longest tunnel and via Flam on the famous Sognefjord.

Voss is a year round destination for outdoor pursuits where you will find hiking, biking, rafting, fishing and skydiving.

For those not quite up to jumping out a plane, you can book a lesson in the wind tunnel with VOSSVIND to recreate part of the sensation.

In winter, the focus is very much on skiing with great opportunities at both Voss resort and the nearby Myrkdalen.

Day 7. Bergen

1hr 45mins drive should see you in Bergen, with the airport being slightly further.

Surrounded by seven mountains and overlooking the sea, Bergen is a stunning destination.  If you still have the energy to ski, there are backcountry lines to be had overlooking the city.

The Hanseatic Wharf, fish market, and one of Norway's biggest cultural events, the Bergen International Festival, are some of the cities many highlights.

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