Stryn Summer Ski

Ålesund, Geiranger Fjord, Stryn Summer Ski.

SEASON: June - July    DISTANCE: 361km    FERRIES: 2    CAMPING: 250nok/night    HOTELS: 1200nok/night    CAR HIRE: 3000nok/week

Stryn Summer Ski Centre is the most popular summer ski resort in Norway and one of the most renowned in Northern Europe.

Open from 1 June - 15 July, with acces via the 100-year old Strynefjellsvegen (Rv258) National Tourist Route, skiers and boarders can enjoy summer snow at it's best on Tystigbreen glacier, 1065m above sea level.

You will find ski hire, a cafeteria, a great outdoor area for barbecues when the sun is out, and a chairlift taking you up to 1350m.  There is always a bit of a buzz in the air in good weather, with skiers regularly donning shorts and bikinis to hit the slopes.

Road Trip Suggestions

With our suggested Road Trip ideas you can combine a short city break, Fjord tour, and skiing holiday all in one.

Day 1. Ålesund - Geiranger

The drive from Ålesund Airport to Geiranger takes around 2hrs 30mins, with the ferry between Eidsdal - Linge running 0630-2230 every half hour June, July and August. 

An alternative route via Åndalsnes, would let you hike the Romsdalseggen Ridge, drive the Trollstigen road, and ride the Raumabanen railway.  This is an excellent option for those with more time to explore. Rv 63 and Trollstigen typically opens June until the end of September when clear of snow, always check road conditions before setting off.

Day 2. Geiranger

Geiranger is one of the jewels of the Norwegian fjords.  Lined with high waterfalls and abandoned mountain farms, the landscape is included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites.

With hiking and biking routes galore, for many it is a must see destination. Hire a kayak and paddle out to the seven sisters waterfall, hike atop Dalsnibba plateau, or walk behind the waterfall Storseterfossen after a short hike.

Day 3. Geiranger - Stryn Summer Ski

Geiranger to Stryn Summer Ski Centre takes about an hour to drive with Stryn town being 45mins away from the ski centre.

Stryn is one of Norway's most popular hangouts and has become a mecca for skiers, climbers, hikers and general adventurers.

Located along the innermost part of the Nordfjord, Stryn offers a rich assortment of nature-based activities all year round.

With blue glaciers, majestic mountains, fertile valleys and deep lakes, you are spoilt for choice.

Day 4. Loen

Drive or walk to Kjenndalsbreen Glacier.  The glacier itself is quite small but the surroundings make it a worthwhile trip.

The via ferrata tour with Loen Active is a 5-7hr guided tour up steep moutainside using bridges, ladders and fixed ropes to ascend.

Day 5. Stryn - Ålesund

Driving back to Ålesund can be done via Volda or Stranda and takes aound 2hrs 30mins either way.

Driving via Volda gives you the option to visit Runde, nicknamed Bird Island.  Every year from February to August the Island is swamped by 500,000 nesting birds from 80 different species.

The drive to Stranda offers a nice place to stop for lunch at the ski centre.  Take the gondola up to the top to enjoy views of the surrounding mountains and the Geirangerfjord below.

Day 6. Ålesund

Ålesund and the surrounding area are amongst the most visited sites in Norway. The town is beautifully set across several islands stretching out into the Atlantic Ocean.

With an Art Nouveau style architecture after a devastating fire saw it rebuilt in 1904, today the city is the cultural centre of the region.

Ålesund boasts several festivals – including the Ålesund Theatre Festival, the Festival of New Norwegian Literature, Norwegian Food Festival and art and music festivals such as Jugendfest and Trandal Country Festival.