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Stunning Scenery

Norway is a photographer's paradise. For all you selfie hunters out there, this is the place to be.

Not sure where to go?

Check out our map for a pretty awesome list of suggestions marked and ready.

Smiles for miles

With so much to see and do, Norway really spoils you for choice.  Hike, bike, ski, climb, surf, or simply stand still and soak it all in...

Helpful Tips

Allemannsrett - Freedom to Roam
Outdoor recreation and the freedom to roam has been an important part of Norwegian culture for centuries.  It gives everyone the right to roam freely, irrespective of who owns the land while also being allowed to harvest nature's bounty. The right to roam applies to open countryside, where the following activities are permitted: • Free movement on foot and on skis • Resting and overnight camping • Riding and cycling on trails and roads • Swimming, canoeing, rowing and sailing • Picking berries, mushrooms and wildflowers • Fishing without a licence for saltwater species Full details of the Right to Roam can be found in the Outdoor Recreation Act of 1957.
National Tourist Routes
There are 18 designated National Tourist Routes in Norway.  These are stretches of road specifically selected to showcase some of the countries most stunning scenery and beautiful nature. The experience is enhanced by innovative architecture and thought-provoking works of art at designated viewpoints and picnic areas. The development of the project is being carried out by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.  See routes
Online Booking
When booking your Norwegian adventure, a couple of cash saving tips include:
  • Booking train/bus tickets online at least 24hrs in advance for a good discount.
  • If booking flights with, check out the 'Low Fare Calendar'.
  • is pretty well established but more and more options are coming up on Airbnb.
  • BookNanook is an interesting site offering 'Local Experiences with Extraordinary People'


Is Norway very expensive?
We're not gonna lie to you, Norway can be very expensive, but with a little heads up, hopefully we can lessen the blow. Tobacco and Alcohol are both heavily taxed in Norway so, if you're coming here to party, you better be ready for the equivalent of big city prices across the board and make sure you utilise your entitlements coming through duty-free. Avoid taking taxis. This can often seem like an easy fix when trying to get from A to B, but be warned, here in Norway a Taxi fare is not for the faint of heart. On the plus side...if you are coming to ski in this winter paradise, the cost of accommodation, lift passes, ski rental, eating on the mountain, are all very reasonable when compared to the big mainland European resorts. For the intrepid traveller looking to rough it in the wild, the 'Freedom to Roam' permits wild camping with almost unlimited spots to pitch a tent. Grocery shopping in Norway can be made a lot less painful by sticking to store brands such as 'First Price' in Kiwi and 'Coop' labelled products in Coop stores.
Isn't it always dark and cold?
At different times of the year, in different parts of the country, it is often very dark and very cold but that's not to say it is like that all the time.  The very far North, for instance, experiences 24hrs darkness from November - February and then 24hr daylight (The Midnight Sun) June-July. The further South you visit, generally, the milder the temperatures, but you also have to consider you're proximity to the coast and elevation in the mountains. One of the things we love about Norway is how defined the seasons are.  In Winter you can expect snow on the ground and temperatures well below freezing.  In Summer however, the snow remains on only the highest mountain tops and people enjoy swimming in the lakes and sea.
What's the best time to visit?
This really depends what you want to do and where you want to go. Skiing  December - Sept Hiking  April - October Northern Lights  October - April Fjords May - October These are very loose recommendations and will vary depending on where in the country you want to visit.


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